If you are planning a new kitchen, you need to know where to spend and where to save. To make it easier, we have listed a few items below that can help you make some great design decisions for your kitchen renovation.


1. Bin Drawer

Keep your kitchen rubbish under control by upgrading to a pull-out bin drawer. Ideally, it should be placed near the kitchen sink and it has at least 2 loose bins inside it, one for waste and one for your recycling and maybe one for food scraps for composting. A bin drawer can also be retrofitted to an existing kitchen, space permitting or a part of your new kitchen design.


2. Soft-close drawers and full-extension runners

Soft-closing drawers and doors are super functional and well-worth installing in your kitchen renovation. No more banging of the kitchen cupboards and drawers! Full -extension runners allow the drawers to pull right out so you don’t have to reach right into the back to find what you are looking for. These items used to be a luxury, but not anymore, we can find all sorts of options at different price points on the market today.


3. Butler’s Pantry – the crème de la crème of pantries

A walk-in butler’s pantry is so worth it if you have the space. It gives you maximum functionality and screams high-end kitchen! A butler’s pantry is ideally located at the far end of your kitchen with matching joinery and a pivot door. Include lots of bench space to house appliances so it can free up the surface space in your kitchen to keep it clean and sleek looking.


4. Appliance niche

If you simply don’t have the space for a butler’s pantry, consider an appliance niche or cupboard on your benchtop. Bi-fold or pocket doors ensure that you get maximum space advantage.


5. Integrated appliances

Freestanding appliances, such as your fridge, often stick out past the line of joinery so that they can open properly, creating a disturbance in the clean straight lines of your kitchen. Instead, consider integrating your fridge and dishwasher so you can create the flush streamline wall of joinery we all dream of.


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