Incorporating recycled timbers into your home adds warm tones and lovely imperfections.  All kinds of timbers can find a place in your home, from the pale tones of Tasmanian Oak to the dark richness of Ironbark. Whatever the style of your home, there is sure to be timber that will suit.


Timber benchtops

Benchtops are a popular choice to add timber to your kitchen. However, timber is a softer material and more prone to dents and scratches. But, with a light sand and revarnish, timber benchtops come up like new again, lasting many years! 

If you don’t want the maintenance of a timber benchtop, why not add a built-in chopping board/meal prep area? Or have some custom timber cupboard doors or a shelf made by a local Geelong carpenter? When adding timber to your kitchen, the possibilities are endless.


Custom timber vanities

Another space in your home where you can add timber is in the bathroom. A custom bathroom vanity with a timber top or recycled timber cupboard doors is a great way to warm up your bathroom.  


Custom recycled timber furniture  

Custom furniture pieces, such as bedheads, dining tables and bookcases made from recycled timber make for a great conversation piece. A coffee table made from timber from the old Portarlington Piers is sure to impress your guests. Alternatively, you could add recycled timber posts at your front entrance for some wow factor. Timber statement pieces not only tell a story but also add interest to your home. 

Check out local Geelong recycled timber supplier, Timber Zoo, to see what timbers they have in stock.


Renovation projects

Whatever timber you have your heart set on, MMD can incorporate it into your renovation project. Whether you use recycled timber or fresh wood, MMD’s expert tradespeople can build a custom timber piece for your home. From dining tables to timber shelves to custom timber benchtops, timber can be incorporated into your home in various ways. Request a quote for your next recycled timber renovation project.

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