Often one’s garage becomes a catch-all for anything you can’t squeeze in the house – suitcases, odd chairs, old exercise equipment. If you find yourself dropping breadcrumbs to navigate the maze of items stuffed in your garage, it might be time to look into custom cabinets for storage.

Open up and organise your garage with cabinets from a custom cabinet maker in Geelong – MMD Maintenance. With one call to our Geelong handymen, you can rein in the clutter with a custom cabinet design and installation.

Custom cabinets in Geelong

Custom cabinetry is a game-changer for garage workspaces. Having tools and supplies within reach during projects maximises efficiency while keeping the mess stored away and out of sight.

Rolling storage cabinet and shelves

Why not add some wheels to shelving units? Allows you to wheel them in and out or pack them against the wall to maximise your garage space.

Oversized storage cabinets

Often large, unwieldy items such as mowers are stored in a garage. Instead of taking up extra space, have MMD’s custom cabinet makers build oversized cabinetry deep enough to hold a pressure washer, wheelbarrow or garden tools.

Ceiling mounted rack systems

Bikes are large and awkward to store. Why not install some hooks in the ceiling or on the wall to hang the bikes from? Alternatively, ceiling-mounted rack systems can store boxes of seasonally used items off the ground and out of the way.

Creative storage solutions

Rein in the clutter with some of our tips and organisation ideas for your garage:

  • Hose and extension lead storage – Wrap garden hoses around a metal tub attached to the wall; use smaller metal buckets in the same way for things like extension leads.
  • Add magnetic strips – For all those little items that tend to get lost in the piles around the garage, install some magnetic strips to the garage walls above the workbench to hold these.
  • Label items – Make sure you label each box, so you don’t have to dig through them all to find what you are looking for.  Stack them on a shelving unit to keep them neat and tidy.

Geelong handymen for custom cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is one of MMD’s specialities. Our Geelong handymen know one size does not fit all, especially in the garage! Give our custom cabinet maker team a call on 5222 6022 to discuss your cabinet design and installation.

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