No one ever says they don’t want more bench space in their kitchen to us. Without a doubt, more bench space in the kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. When doing kitchen upgrades, the number one thing we hear from clients is a request for more bench space. 

Adding bench space to a small kitchen

If the footprint of your kitchen area isn’t large, there are some great ways to give you more preparation space.  

  • Induction cooktops

A flat cooktop can allow you space to rest a chopping board for food preparation before you throw all your ingredients into the frypan. Induction cooktops cool down quickly and blend seamlessly into your kitchen benchtop.

  • Single sinks

If you find that you don’t really use the second sink, why take up valuable bench space?  Most kitchens have a dishwasher so a single bowl sink to wash the larger pots and pans may be enough. 

  • Sink inserts

With a lot of apartment kitchens shrinking in size, bench space is prime real estate.  Smart sinks can incorporate removable sink inserts for meal prep or entertaining. Sink inserts offer many design options to suit your tastes and needs.

  • Pull out benchtop & bin

Pull-out working zones that fit over your bin can provide you with some concealed meal prep space with a handy hole to scrape your vegetable scraps straight into the bin. Pull-out features can be easily retrofitted into most kitchens. A pull-out benchtop can work just about anywhere in your kitchen, not just above your bins! MMD can build a custom pull-out design that works with your kitchen space no matter how old. 

  • Custom built-ins

If you have some space near your kitchen, such as under your staircase, you can add in a built-in nook for extra storage. Use your built-in as a dedicated space to make your morning cup of coffee or to store your wine glasses. Even add a wine fridge under the bench! Whatever your space, a built-in is a great way to gain some storage space. Contact MMD to discuss your next custom built-in project. 

  • Declutter your benchtop

The most obvious way to create more benchtop space is to declutter your existing space. All of us have that catch-all area where the chargers are plugged in, the kid’s lunchboxes are tossed or the newspapers and junk mail are thrown. Find a dedicated space for these items away from the kitchen bench. Perhaps create a butler’s pantry, add some storage space under the stairs or have a new cupboard added to your existing kitchen area. 

  • Wheeled butcher’s block

MMD can design your kitchen to include a modular wheel out butcher’s block that fits seamlessly into your cabinetry but can roll out when you need that bit of extra bench space. 

Get benchtop space in your kitchen

What design element would you like to add to your kitchen benchtop? Without a doubt, if you are planning an addition to gain space contact the professionals at MMD Maintenance. With reliable, highly-skilled tradespeople on our books, we are able to tackle any kitchen renovation project you have. Gain bench space and storage with the carpentry experts at MMD Maintenance in Geelong. 

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