How do you create the sense of relaxation you get when you walk into a boutique spa or the indulgence of a 5-star hotel bathroom with a vanity stocked with indulgent treats?  The secret to recreating this emotion in your home is to add a few affordable touches that will transform your house into a luxury home (but on a budget).

Follow along for some simple ideas you can use today.

Ways to make your bathroom luxurious

  • Gold! Incorporate some gold detailing or finishes into your bathroom for that sense of opulence. Faux gold paneling and paint can help give your home a luxurious touch.
  • Coloured tapware is very on-trend right now and surprisingly affordable.  Why not swap out the old and replace them with matt black fittings or a copper finish.
  • Display some of your bathroom products that have great packaging. You can put the hand soap on a nice ceramic dish or invest in a quality hand soap dispenser and keep a fresh hand towel out for guests to use. This budget-conscious tip is oh so easy but one that can make a big difference.

 Stunning Living area ideas

  • Flooring is the most important element of a space.  Wool and silk blended carpets are amazing and create a shimmer effect on your floor, however, to re-carpet a whole area in this is pricy.  Why not invest in some quality silk rugs to your hardwood areas to soften the area and add that luxury element.
  • Sheer curtains create a soft and inviting glow to your space. Ceiling to floor sheer curtains in a soft grey or white will give you this glow.
  • Add a touch of velvet to your soft furnishings, such as some cushions or an ottoman or throw rug.

Add some elegance to your bedroom 

  • A feature wall of textured wallpaper will give you that luxe feeling without the hefty price tag.  Choose a feature wall and pair it with a neutral palette for maximum impact.
  • Ever considered a chandelier? A classic chandelier will bring you that extravagance you love. Check out a few antique stores to find one that suits your room for that luxurious touch.
  • Monochrome colour schemes are simple and elegant, white with black accents, just beautiful.

Whatever your style, there are so many ideas you can incorporate into your own house to transform it into a luxury home, no matter what your budget.  Above are just a few suggestions from us but there are so many more you could implement. Hit up Pinterest to see even more tips and tricks.

If you’re strapped for time why not let the team at MMD assist with design, planning, and upgrades to your home – from start to finish. Contact MMD Maintenance on (03) 5222 6022. Our experienced and skilled team members can manage your luxe home project and coordinate all the different tradespeople required to do it all! From construction to painting to renovation projects, we can create the luxury home of your dreams.

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