Would you believe me if I said that the term ‘fur baby’ is actually defined in the dictionary? Not so crazy when I tell you that roughly 62% of Australian households have a pet. With 38% of that being dogs (about 4.2 million pet dogs!). And with a new dog comes dog accessories like custom dog beds and dog doors. So, it comes as no surprise that Pinterest has identified ‘animal-led architecture’ as a popular trend for interior design in 2022. Without a doubt, pets are playing an increasingly more important role in how we design our homes.

 Make your home pet-friendly 

With the increase in dog ownership, MMD has seen an increase in homeowners wanting to make their homes more pet friendly. Now, we are not just talking about a dog flap in the back door, no!  Window seats as custom dog beds or a bespoke built-in dog bath in the laundry. 

Custom pet furniture 

Gone are the old boring scratching post and outdoor dog kennel days. Custom-made pet furniture is on the rise. Imagine adding a custom-built side table that hides a cushion for the cat to Hampton’s style dog crate to suit your home décor – the possibilities are endless for custom pet furniture. You could even add ramps for a Dachshund to get up the stairs! Making your home pet-friendly is easier than ever with an experienced carpenter. 

 Custom dog beds in Geelong

In the past two years of the pandemic, many families have welcomed a dog into their home. Dogs have offered comfort during countless lockdowns and given dog owners a reason to get out for a walk every day. So why not make sure your dog is more comfortable in your home with a custom dog bed or custom dog crate?

Jump on Pinterest and have a look at all the custom pet furniture options available, then call MMD to make your vision come to life. Our talented and experienced trades can build custom built-ins for your fur baby to live and bathe in. Your pet will thank you! 

If you have questions about what MMD can build for your furry friends, contact us on 03 5222 6022 to discuss your needs. We can walk you through some options and give you a free quote. Create a pet-friendly home that you and your pet will enjoy for years to come with MMD Maintenance.

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