Mudrooms aren’t just for mud! 


Victorian winters are wet. Kids come home from school with wet shoes, wet backpacks and wet umbrellas which get dumped by the front door causing puddles to form. Or if you have a dog you know all too well the battle with muddy paws after getting caught in the rain on a winter walk.  


Mudrooms for wet weather

A mudroom is an area inside the doorway where you can shed wet outdoor shoes, backpacks, clean muddy paws and remove raincoats. In America and Europe, it is common to have a mudroom space; to remove clothes and bags, not to mention store said clothes and bags wet weather or not! 


Finding space for a mudroom in your home

Think about how your family lives and what is coming in and out of the house most days. Perhaps you need space to park the pram, set down your keys, hang a dog’s lead, or dust sand off your surfboard. A mudroom is a multi-functional room that provides space (and storage) for you and your family’s stuff!


If you are not lucky enough to have a dedicated entryway, you can create the mudroom space in your laundry as this room often has a door to the outside. Or if you have absolutely no space inside the door but you have a covered patio area or veranda; you could cordon off an area for storing items such as surfboards and soccer boots. 


Maximise your mudroom space

You found the space for a mudroom now what do you do with it? How about custom cabinetry and a bench seat to create a functional sitting and storage area? Or maximise the space you have by going vertical; use shelves with baskets, hooks to hang your coats on and pigeon holes under the seating area for your shoes. You can even add a desk nook for the mail, keys and a recycle bin for the unwanted junk mail. The possibilities are endless. 


Custom mudrooms for Geelong region

Contact MMD on 03 5222 6022 to discuss adding a mudroom space to your Geelong, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads or Torquay home. 

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