We all have those ugly things and spaces in our house, like unsightly wiring, a laundry room that opens into your living area, or rubbish bins in the backyard. If you are not looking to do a full-blown renovation anytime soon, here are some storage solutions to hide those unsightly areas around your home.


1/ Storage solutions under the stairs

Big bulky items like your vacuum and brooms are a must in every home, but trying to find the space for them without taking up prime storage space can be tricky.  Have you considered built-in cabinets under the staircase if you are in a two-story house? Built-ins create extra storage space for the bigger awkward-shaped items. 


2/ Green wall to hide rubbish bins or sheds

Most houses need to have a shed to store garden supplies and tools. Additionally, everyone needs space for their wheelie bins. However, if you hate having your rubbish bins or shed sitting beside your house out in the open, consider a well-placed green wall to hide it. A vertical wall of lush greenery can hide a tin shed or rubbish bins easily.


3/ Conceal your laundry

If your home layout has you or your guests walking through your laundry to get to other parts of your home, you will no doubt want to find a way to conceal it. Undoubtedly, no one wants to see your laundry. A great solution to hide it is floor-to-ceiling built-in cupboards. Plus, you can add a push to open function or a pull-out ironing board and benchtop to hide away when not in use.


4/ Add a slimline butlers pantry 

Hideaway all of your benchtop clutter in a butler’s pantry. Or add built-in space behind a feature tiled splashback. Without a doubt, there are many areas of your kitchen that can be better utilised as hidden storage solutions.


5/ Create an open office 

No space for a dedicated office room? Consider some built-in custom joinery with a desk and cupboards to hide away the computer and paperwork. Level up by opting for some eye-catching cupboard doors when closed.


6/ Hide it all behind sliding doors

Want to hide away the kitchen appliances when not being used? Keep the working parts of the kitchen behind large sliding doors. With sliding doors, your kitchen looks neat and tidy even when it isn’t.


Built-in storage solutions for Geelong and beyond

Engage MMD Maintenance to build custom joinery for your kitchen, laundry, or stair space to store those ugly items. Hide your kitchen appliances, washing machine, or Christmas decorations with custom built-in storage solutions in Geelong. 


Call (03) 5222 6022 to find out how MMD can help you find more storage space. Custom carpentry and renovation solutions for Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula regions.

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