The flooring you chose for your home flooring update is a choice you will have to live with for many years to come, so be sure to weigh up your options before settling on a decision.  Below, we have done some of the homework for you with the positives and negatives of the most popular choices.  Hard floors are great for those with allergies as it won’t trap dust like carpet does.


Timber floorboards

The warmth of timber floors is impossible to deny; we can lay this in herringbone pattern, or in rows.  Although this option is expensive, the can also be relied upon to last the test of time. Timber floorboards can withstand multiple sandings and stainings before they start to deteriorate. Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash and Blackbutt are popular hardboard choices.  Baltic pine is nice, but it is rather soft so easily marked by pet claws or high heeled shoes and can be noisy if someone is living downstairs.



Floor tiles are durable and available in a range of colours and patterns and prices to suit your home and budget.  Tiles are waterproof and can cop a beating from pets, boisterous children and heavy furniture without showering a mark. They also can be quite chilly underfoot as they do not draw heat.  Handy hint, make sure you get a few spare tiles to keep in storage to replace any that may crack over the years.



Linoleum floors have been around for a very long time, being most popular in 1950’s. They were shunned for a long time, however, money-conscious owners are again embracing this hard-wearing flooring once more as it is losing it’s cheap-and-nasty reputation.  Lino is easy to install and is eco-friendly often being made from renewable materials.  However, grime can build up quickly and sharp objects can cause tears as it can be quite a soft and impressionable surface.


Vinyl Plank

Hard wearing and easy to lay, vinyl planks are a real trend these days.  They will last for years to come and come in a great variety of timber colours are available.  Water and scratch resistant, these planks can handle the dogs and the kids.  Great also for investment properties.


Polished Concrete

Most think that polished concrete flooring is too cold for their home, however, the opposite is true.  It has thermal qualities that make it ideal for the eco-conscious homeowner or those just wanting to save money on heating and cooling bills.  Its thermal qualities mean that it absorbs heat during the day and release it at night when temperatures outside drop.  In time, unfortunately, it is likely that you will get some hairline cracks as the earth below the slab shifts. Also, anything you drop on concrete is most definitely going to smash, so be careful when unpacking the dishwasher.


We at MMD Maintenance have experience will all flooring types for your home renovation.

Are you renovating in the Geelong, Surf Coast or Bellarine area?  Give MMD a call to book in a quote to update your home flooring.

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