Kids have a lot of stuff these days, which means their rooms fill up fast. If you are looking for ways to maximise their bedroom space while minimising the mess, consider built-ins. Great for adding a second bed for sleepovers, a desk for study time or storage for toys, books and clothes; custom built-ins work pretty much everywhere.

There are many ways to add a built-in space to your home, whether in your kid’s room, office space or garage.

Custom-made bunk beds – If you have more kids than bedrooms, consider bunk beds or a custom-made bed to save space! By building a custom bunk bed, you can incorporate a staircase to make getting up and down to the top bunk much safer than a ladder. Plus, you can add drawers to the bottom of your custom bed for extra storage. 

Custom-made loft bed – Raising a bed off the floor to the loft space will give you loads more room for a desk, play area or reading nook. This is an ideal solution for a small bedroom to get the most out of the space.

Study nook  – If you can use a tallboy for all your kids’ clothing, why not transform their built-in robe to a desk/study area?  Additionally, a great idea is to paint the back wall with some chalkboard paint or add a few floating shelves to see the study nook through their high school years. 

Built-ins maximise space

It is important to remember to use the room’s perimeter for sleeping, shelves, storage or study space to maximise the floor space for playing. Using built-ins ensures you maximise the space while maintaining a neat and clean uniform look to the area.

Custom built-ins for Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Colac

Maximise your space whilst minimising the mess with custom built-ins, bunk beds or a study nook. Request a quote to transform your kid’s bedroom space with built-ins. 

MMD Maintenance’s 100% satisfaction guarantee means you will be 100% satisfied with the outcome. With multiple tradespeople on our books, MMD is the only call you need to make for custom built-ins across Colac, the Bellarine Peninsula or Geelong. Plus, our local tradespeople are efficient and reliable, so your project won’t be languishing for months to be completed.

Save space and create a space where your kids can grow over the years!


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